<div><img id="aboutbild" alt="" src="">Createaholic is the one woman show also known as Fanny Zedenius, and all products are hand made by me with lots of love and attention to details.&nbsp;I am a Swedish macramé artist based in Stockholm with a long history of exploring different crafts.&nbsp;Once I discovered macramé my life quickly came to revolve all around rope and knots.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span>Createaholic started out as a creative side project on Instagram back in 2014, but quickly developed into a small business as demands for purchases started coming in.&nbsp;<br><br>Since early 2015, Createaholic has been selling hand made macramé art to homes all around the world. As interest in macramé kept on growing I also started hosting workshops and selling DIY products to spread the love for this addictive and beautiful art!&nbsp;<br><br>As of 2017, Createaholic has also started selling prints and illustrations, all made by me. You are more than welcome to contact me if you want to discuss custom made wedding invitations or logotypes for example!<br><b><br><h2>Custom orders</h2></b>I love a bit of a challenge! Createaholic happily accepts custom orders for both macramé and illustrations to create something extra special just for you - in any size, shape or form. Contact me and we can discuss your vision, ideas and preferences and come up with something really unique.<br><b><br></b>Contact me at: info[a]<b><br><br><h2>Retailer</h2></b>Are you interested in becoming a retailer for Createaholic products? Createaholic is approved for "F-skatt" in Sweden.<b><br></b><br></div>